Gealan S 8000 Plus

A window frame with 83 mm construction width doesn't have to hide! With a six chamber design, it offers ideal protection from cold and noise, and makes an active constribution to sinking CO2 emissions. With its 83 mm width, it also shows high corner rigidity for more sturdy windows. The large steel stiffeners also add to the structural rigidity, and provide a stable base for attaching the operation hardware – a significant plus in security for the new S 8000 IQ plus system.
A wide variety of possibilities

The new rebate seal frame system S 8000 IQ plus can be combined with all sashes from the standard version of the S 8000 IQ system. Sashes with four, five, six or even seven chambers are available. Thanks to the high level of compatibility, GEALAN clients need no new tools to process the new profiles. This allows for the assembly of two different construction depths in an optimised assembly workflow.


  • Massive, high-quality frames
  • Excellent structural rigidity through standardised steel stiffeners
  • For custom-made windows


  • Six chambers for excellent thermal and noise protection
  • Highly resistant against forced entry


  • Well-formed, attractive contours
  • Vibrant yet harmonic appearance
  • Slender profile heights and soft contours


  • A wealth of combination possibilities thanks to full compatibility with the S 8000 IQ series
  • Synergy effect in storage and logistics

s8000iq 01