Gealan Akrykolor

Set accents in your facade with coloured window profiles. Make your house as individual as its inhabitants, or turn any building into an eye-catcher.

With acrylcolor, GEALAN offers colourful window profiles with unique qualities. The special coextrusion fuses two high-quality materials together in an unbreakable bond. The white basis form is made of PVC, and the exterior is mantled in colourful acrylic. The resulting combination shares the advantages of both materials.

The white interior surface of the profile guarantees that the window will harmonise with any room, no matter the decoration.


A thermal process used to fuse the profile's base form (at this stage still made of molten white PVC ) with molten acrylic in an unbreakable bond. The molten acrylic is applied to all surfaces that will later be subjected to the harsh effects of the sun, wind, rain and snow.

As the profile leaves the two coextrusion dies, it is already two-coloured. The result of this coextrusion process is unparalleled colour veracity. Even in projects where window units in the same building were installed over a span of several years, there was virtually no visible difference between the first windows and the last.

GEALAN has been coextruding profiles since 1980. Our experience in this field has been rewarded with the RAL certification as well as the South German Plastics Centre seal of approval.