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The THM90 EVO is a flush aluminium thermally broken flapvent for installation in aluminium, timber and uPVC window frames and ideal for sliding doors. The flat punched internal profile serves as an insect mesh and can easily be cleaned. 
The internal flap can be set in 5 stepped positions (open/closed + 3 intermediate). A self-regulating (class P3) flap is integrated within the closing flap preventing draughts and guaranteeing watertightness up to 20 Pa in open position.

Three different types of THM90 EVO are available, each for different glass thickness: THM90 EVO (20, 24, 28, 33 mm) for installation on glass, THM90 PB EVO (20, 24, 28 mm) for installation at the bottom of the window and the THM90 TR EVO (20, 24 mm) for installation between profiles (at transom).

Flat aluminium self-regulating (class P3) flapvent 
Ideal for application into sliding windows and conservatories
3 different types available: for installation on glass, at the bottom of the window under the glass, or between profiles (at transom )

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The RENSON® TC60 is a thermally broken aluminium glazed-in window flapventilator with soft-line design outer profile and with only a 60 mm glass reduction. The punched inside grille acts as an inside mesh.

Inside and out side prof ile: aluminium AlMgSi 0.5 (according to EN 12020-2)
Finishing: satin anodised or powdercoated in any RAL or Syntha Pulvin® colour (dual colour possible)
Endcaps in ASA polymer type Luran S (colour fast, weather- and UVresistant)
Endcaps are in black or white but also available in other colours upon request.

Glas s reduction: 60 mm
Height: 75 mm
Glass thicknes s: 20, 24 & 28 mm